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About your instructor: 

Nic WinkelrNicolas is an experienced aquanaut, explorer, photographer and filmmaker with a background in marine biology, international development and marine management. He started diving as a teenager and has been photographing the marine world for more than fifteen years from the tropics to under the ice using rebreathers, scuba and freediving. His photos have appeared in local art displays, accompanied magazine articles, published and sold internationally as well as used to support ocean conservation efforts, Nicolas’ primary objective today.

In this underwater photography workshop series, Nicolas shares his passion, knowledge and experience photographing the underwater world and the preparation that goes into safely, successfully photographing and editing your favourite subjects.

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About the Course

This half-day workshop intensive will introduce students to the history and fundamentals of photography how they apply to the challenges of the underwater environment discussing both our local waters as well as how to take advantage of your next dive trips to the tropics.

In order to ensure you shoot for the image you want and not the image you hope to get, the workshop will help you understand camera’s settings and approaches to lighting subjects underwater for wide, macro as well as the elusive split shot. We will discuss various camera types, housing and lighting systems – including considerations for investing in your own system. A hands-on component will demonstrate underwater photo housing systems, pre-dive assembly and post-dive care.

The session will be packed with camera tips and tricks to maximize the best of your camera investment. Critically we’ll examine dive safety and responsible, ethical photography ensuring safe, relaxing dives while minimizing your impact on the underwater world.

While this will primarily be a photography workshop it will include a primer on underwater video to allow you to take the best advantage of your cameras. A post-workshop assignment will follow allowing you to put your new skills to the test and will include instructor feedback.

This workshop is suitable for novices and experienced photographers, action-camera shooters and those interested in upgrading their camera equipment.


These workshops will be delivered in small person in-class sizes to ensure a quality presentation as well as comply with public health rules, so spaces are limited.


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