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With 16,000 cu. ft. of banked gas, we can fill your cylinders in a timely and safe manner. We handle all styles of modern dive fittings including both Yoke and DIN. We also have filling capability for certain CGA styled valves as well. We provide high pressure air fills up to 4,500psi including SCUBA, SCBA, and paintball cylinders. As required by law, all owners cylinder's must have valid inspections as in accordance with Transport Canada.


Using a continuous blender we can fill your tank with up to 40% Oxygen without the need for Oxygen Cleaning. This is a time consuming process so please take note of the desired fill times:

Up to 40% - 6 Hours
Over 40% - 24 Hours
Trimix - 48 Hours

Oxygen and Mixed Gas

Torpedo Rays also provides Oxygen fills of 100% at low pressure (maximum 2200psi). Helium is filled and kept on request only, so please notify us ahead of time. Argon is in stock. Any individuals requiring partial pressure blending will need their cylinders to be Oxygen Clean and will also have to show proper certification before the fill is performed.

It is our store's policy not to top off mixed fills from external sources.